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Jan Kincl, known as Zero is a scene all rounder. He started a decade ago, as one of Zagrebs youngest techno DJs. Due to his amazing mixing talent, he became somewhat of a local star in very short time and shared big stages with the likes of Jeff Mills, Derrick May and many more. In 2013 Jan is a grown up young man, who is not into the big room techno business anymore, but rather a fixed member of Zagrebs small underground electronic scene. More then a year ago he started his Zero Show on Radio 808, which is now one of the rare, if not the only local radio show introducing local and international talent to the radio listeners. He hosted guests such as Gerd Janson, Mike Huckaby and invites Zagreb based artists and DJ's for long and intense listening sessions every Wednesday at 21 pm. We talked with him about that and his regular Cycle night at Masters. After the read you should lend an ear on the mixtape he compiled for us, a relaxed, hypnotic house and techno listen for afternoons and intimate party warmups.


M: Your Radio show is getting more and more popular, how does it feel to be a radio DJ?

Z: It felt kinda strange at the beginning, as I never even thought about it during all those years before. It took me a while to get the hang of it and get a little comfortable on the air. And now, to be honest, I love it. It's the main thing for me and I constantly think about what to do next.


M: How did it come you get into radioland?

Z: DJ Yesh is a friend of mine, and just as the radio was getting out of it's demo phase (around the end of summer 2011) he mentioned he's getting involved into that new internet radio station in town. He suggested to hook me up with some of the people who were behind the idea, namely Petar Holenda and Ines Rakocevic at the very start. I thought about it shortly, and thought "why not?". It seemed like a good thing, at least for a test. I didn't have any clue I'd get hooked as much as I did.


M: So it has been going for more then a year now, seems that the test succeeded.

Z: Haha...yes! I guess so. It's for you to decide :) I'm enjoying it very much and it connected me with some very interesting people, and re-connected with others.


M: Tell me more about that. Who are those people?

Z: Well, at first locally. I always thought that Croatia has an incredible potential regarding electronic music production. There are people who we all know, but at the same time there are some very unfamiliar guys making incredible sounds. So, I wanted to explore that segment a little bit and give some spotlight to those people. In the process I realised that I've become friends with some of them. You know how hard it is to split the music and private life, it's impossible. And to be honest, not necessary for most cases. In my situation, these two dots so to speak, merged even more :)


M: How did doing a show that covers all sorts of genres inside electronic music influence your own tastes and preferences?

Z: Wow great question! Enormously. I've been around a while and I guess people mostly got to know me through the big room parties and more intense sound, techno of various sorts. Back then I thought that I need to build my skill, so to speak, in one sound and not diverge too much in order not to confuse the people too much. At the same time, I was buying everything from ambiental electronica, to soulful house or detroit techno. Literally everything I could get my hands on. But, as I said, the situation was a bit more defined back then, or at least I saw it as such, so I tried not to diverge too much, with exception of some small clubs and private parties, but not on a large scale. The radio show somehow made me see it's time for a change.


M: Are there any particular shows in the past year you could point out as special. Ones you are proud of?

Z: It's hard and maybe unfair to pick some favorites. Usually the last few shows are the favorite ones because they are the freshest in my mind. But truthfully, every time is fun in a different way :).


M: You also did a direct transmission from last years Dimensions festival, was it the only direct radio transmission from the festival. Tell me more about that.

Z: That was fun and chaotic :) Topssy arranged it all with Vedran Meniga, the head of Croatian segment of the festival. We were based in the fortress and transmitted live DJ sessions and interviews at the same time, while above us the press party was held. So in the period of 3-4 hours, we interviewed around 30 people :) There were 5 of us and everybody was running around grabbing people and bringing them in front of the mic. Most of us haven't slept the night before... fun times!


M: Are you planning to repeat it on this years Dimensions?

Z: I cannot say for sure, but as I understand, the plan is there and I see no reason not to.


M: Where do you see the Zero show in a year?

Z: Hopefully international. I'm slowly making deals for re-broadcasts all over the world but it's happening slower than I hoped so I'm taking the time to make the show better for when it all goes down. But the show itself will remain the same, the focus and the concept of it. Quality music and the artist selection I can firmly stand behind, both local and international.


M: Well we hope it all happens. Last thing I wanted to talk about is the Cycle night you started doing with Examine. Next party is happening in Masters right?

Z: Yes, with one of my favorite local guys. You might've heard about him haha The idea was again simple, Examine and me go way back, since 7 or 8 years ago if my memory serves me well. This summer we talked about it and decided to give it a go in creating a nice, comfortable night with interesting music and friendly atmosphere. Masters was the perfect pick because of it's sound, small size and "play until you can stand on your feet" policy which I like. Simply, a night where you can invite your friends to hang out, feel good, and play at the same time. As for the guests my idea is to bring interesting people who are not so frequent in Zagreb's clubs, you are a good example, Querty also, Yunnansound had his first gig on our night, Examine suggested Basta and he played a really good deep techno set, something he's not really known for. But at the same time, since it's our night, we try to get people who know how to have fun :) Then it's a good combo and everything goes down the way it should in a dark club :D.


M: Sounds great and I am really looking forward to the gig at Cycle. So any last words on this mixtape you compiled for us?

Z: Well, I've always liked the hypnotic quality in music, it's simply something I can connect to. So I wanted to record something like that, a mix containing both house and techno, new and old, with a lot of acid, put together in an interesting way. Some records I'm feeling at the moment, you could say, hopefully I've succeeded in the idea :)


M: Well, we'll let the readers decide.

Z: Word.


M: Thank you for your time.

Z: No problem, thank you for the spotlight, and keep doing the dot. Really cool resource.


Author: Marko



Zero - Session for Dot That Spot by dotthatspot