rare and groovy
Tuesday, 11 October 2011 16:48


If you want to hear the best when it comes to funky “raregrooves”, then you should tune in to the Sound Site Radio show on Radio SC, every Thursday from 4-5PM. I talked with Edi Werft, one of the Sound Site DJ's, who also happens to be a great drummer, playing in various band projects and if you don't what these raregrooves are, then check out the fresh mixtape at the bottom of the page, compiled by Zagreb's finest funk fanatics.


M: When is Sound Site going on air again?

E: On Thursday the 13th of October at 4PM on Radio SC.


M: Could you tell us more about the show?

E: We try to avoid well named artists and dig some more scarce musicians from 70's. Of course, we are not cemented in 70's only. There is a lot of new production which we are also very fond off. But in terms of directions, we play “raregrooves” in one word.


M: What is your favorite old groove and new groove at this moment?

E: Funny, just yesterday I ran into a band/producer called Beta Hector. He, or they are my this weeks favorite new groove. Old ones, Dave Pike for sure.


M: Is it hard to get those records in Zagreb?

E: I am not a vinyl collector so I can't say that it bothers me much. There are online shops where you can buy tracks, which we strongly recommend to do so and support the artists. On the other hand, we really don't have proper vinyl shop in Zagreb where you can buy those old gems.

M: Besides radio DJ-ing, you are also being active as drummer of various bands, such as The Hendikeps and Dosh Lee. Is there something new to tell? Is there an album in the production pipeline or is it just loads of playing and touring?

E: Yes, I have been very active lately. At one point I played in 3 different bands. Like you mentioned The Hendikeps which play indie pop, Dosh Lee with ther mixture of noise, punk, funk and The Genuines, which were very hardcore on deep funk. Playing in band is like having affair but not with one person but with 3 or 4 or even 5 people. Sometimes it all goes well and sometimes people go their separate ways. The Hendikeps and I broke up but they are still kicking. I've seen the other day that they aired a new video on YT called Lopovi. Personally I like it a lot and recommend others to see/hear it. The Genuines split due to personal dislikes between people. Nothing much to say on that matter. Dosh Lee are constantly playing and improving and I'm glad to be part of it.


M: A few words on this mixtape you did for us?

E: I tried to melt down new and old. Something I would like to listen in some bar or a club when I go out.


Author: Marko

Here it is, the Sound Site mixtape for us: