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Sunday, 17 February 2013 13:20


If you're looking for some crafty projects to do with your little ones look no further; we've browsed and borrowed some great DIY projects and have picked some out for you. Sure, kids have a lot of projects like these in their schools and kindergartens but still, it's fun to give them something creative to work on at home and spend some quality time with them. And, they will enjoy the things they made themselves, no matter how long it lasts; it's far better than TV time. Here are some suggestions; they cost nothing (you probably already have most of these things) and everyone can afford them.

Bloesm Kids is the source of best ideas; you can spend hours browsing through it, and will just end up with more and more bookmarks. We borrowed two fun and easy projects that will occupy kids for quite some time, or just give you small but long lasting benefits. Let's start with the latter one. Most  kids have some issues with food; you have to tell stories, sell it to them; basically parents are sales managers and advertisers from the early days. You can try involving them in setting the table; cooking; baking... and you can even involve them in making their own dishes and other food related things. Like this place-mat tutorial Bloesm Kids made. Once they make it; they will most probably want to sit at the table, use it, clean it up... Just for a day you probably won't be required to play Don Draper.



Girls...let's not make it a stereotypical thing, but girls do need their dose of dolls and fashion. Those who grew up before the '90s have probably have their experience with paper dolls - you had to cut out the paper and dress your doll in most peculiar outfits. You can now make a unique paper doll for your kid. Just follow these basic instructions from Bloesm Kids and you'll have a toy made from old magazines and used paper that will last for days. Easy non? And recyclable.



all ideas and photos from Bloesm Kids

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