alex gibson
Sunday, 16 December 2012 19:54



Alex Gibson started getting tons of emails with one important question: "where can this be bought?", and you'll probably think just the same as soon as you see what he does. It's all about photography. Gibson makes images of basic t-shirts printed with digital design and photographs. The shirt becomes a frame for an image (not all images are made by Gibson, but he has reduced using other artists work) that alters the perception of the image. Unfortunately, these prints are not for sale; there are no shirts, no hoodies... it's not actually real. It's just a teaser. Hopefully this will be available soon; for now Alex is collaborating with netstyl where few designs can be purchased and you can browse through the Bad smelling boy tumblr, the source of Gibsons idea, for more.  Don't it makes you want to spend money?