36 mountains
Friday, 15 February 2013 13:41


It is a special moment when you realize you are a part of a growth of an artist. It is always interesting at least to see their projects and ideas in motion; each new project gives a glimpse of the new direction. We wrote about Jelena Bando some time ago, and I still remember how her work made me nostalgic of places I have yet to visit (makes sense?). Jelena is now back on Dots pages with the new project - a collaboration with Guilhem Monceaux - titled 36 MOUNTAINS. "We wanted to gather, unite, what's important to us: drawing and people, or better; the communication between the two. We designed a Japanese style inspired block that had 18 pages front, and 18 pages back - therefor number 36. It was also inspired by Master Hokusai known for his interpretations of mountains; so we linked those two elements and 36 Mountains appeared. " says Jelena.

Mountains, in this case also symbolize the need to strive; to reach our own personal peeks. In order to do so, many forget to rely on colleagues, to endorse and help each other grow. Not belonging to that group of artists, Jelena and Guilhem decided to invite the artists they've worked with, or appreciated, to join their project and illustrate the block: 25 artists from Europe are a part of it and their drawings, personal imprints, can be found in 36 Mountains.

Project was recognized and supported by Lega-Lega, a block manufacturer and it will be presented on Monday, February 18th, at Greta Gallery in Zagreb. It was already presented in Montpelier Gallery La Mat and you can see some preview at it's Facebook page.

Jelena and Guilhem have gathered a pile of amazing artists in this block, but most importantly the ones that are slowly but quite capably reaching their mountain peeks; and you should try to be a part of that; 'cause that is what makes art so interesting; this constant reach and search for peeks, even unintentionally.