Zlatka in motion
Monday, 11 February 2013 13:24



Illustrator, animator, editor and producer Kresimir Zimonic will be presenting in Lauba an overview of almost twenty-years of work dedicated to bringing to life Zlatka – the comic book heroine that generations of readers of the magazine Modra Lasta grew up with. Her transformations are subtle, but constant; she is never the same, she is constantly changing and growing, all the while remaining a unique phenomenon in the world of Croatian comics.

Zimonic chronologically presents Zlatka’s physical, intellectual and stylistic transformation and ultimately her growing up in a 203-page comic book album and simultaneously transposes her to another medium – that of the animated film. Whether consciously or not, he thus opens up the possibility of a new cycle for Zlatka; the development into a seemingly tangible character who never completes her journey or understands the concept of boundaries – from the static quality of the comic book to motion, sound and film. The short animated film “Minutes” is a space for individual escape from both the system and everyday monotony through the character of a young girl who has long ago become the synonym for free thought.

The comic book album published by Fibra, the animated movie produced by Zagreb Film, and exhibition of comic-strip boards will be presented for the first time in Lauba on Thursday, February 14th. Kresimir Zimonic will be joined by various guests from the world of comics, film theory and animation.


Author: anshie
Original text for Lauba: Ana Cvitas
Translated by: Susan Jakopec